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Tomar is one of the richest Portuguese cities in terms of historical heritage, of which the Convent of Christ is the epitome, but also in unique cultural traditions, such as the Feast of the Trays. Aware of the importance of these values, the Municipality has seriously invested in the Templar heritage, but also in other relevant legacies, such as the Jewish heritage, to enhance culture and tourism. Such was also carried out with others, more recent, as exemplified by the Contemporary Art Centre or the ongoing recovery works in the former industrial complex of Levada. The municipality's strong creative and associative dynamics has also offered a wide range of performances and cultural products, with due relevance to the role of schools in such matters.

Territory: 351.2 km²
Population: 40,677
Associate since: 2014
Artemrede venues/List of cultural facilities: Paraíso Cine-theatre

site: www.cm-tomar.pt


Cineteatro Paraíso


On the site that housed the first concert hall in Tomar, the Nabantino Theatre, in the 19th century, there emerged, in 1924, the Paraíso Theatre, after the works of architect Deolindo Vieira. In 1947, it reopened after new refurbishing by architect Ernesto Korrodi. After nearly half a century, it permanently closed to the public in 1991. The new Paraíso Cine-theatre opened to the public in 2002, operating since then as the main concert hall in Tomar.

The concert hall seats 410 and adapts too many different forms of performing arts (music, theatre, dance...) and cinema.

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facebook: www.facebook.com/cineteatroparaisotomar



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