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Sobral de Monte Agraço

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As part of the Western Region, Sobral de Monte Agraço enjoys a genuine landscape of multiple charms, invites the visitor to travel through centuries of history through its historical and religious heritage of extraordinary excellence, unveiling places and unique experiences by welcoming people and the heritage of their ancestors.

Throughout the year, the municipality surprises with a diversified and high quality cultural offer targeting different audiences. 

Whatever the reason of your visit, enjoy the many possibilities this territory has to offer and explore them!

Territory: 52 Km2
Associate since: January 2005
Artemrede space: Sobral de Monte Agraço Cine-Theatre
Cultural facilities: Cine-theatre, Municipal Library, Municipal Gallery, Interpretation Centre of the Lines of Torres

site: www.cm-sobral.pt
facebook: www.facebook.com/cineteatro.sobralmonteagraco.9


Cine-Teatro de Sobral de Monte Agraço


In the early 1940s, there was a closed and dilapidated theatre, an improvised stage for an amateur theatre company and films were projected on the walls of Quinta do Sobral. 

It was then that a public limited company raised the funds to build a Cine-Theatre, with contributions from the population. The official opening took place on June 30th, 1946. After successive closures, the Cine-theatre reopened on May 21st, 2006. 

The concert hall has the capacity for 216 places and 3 spaces for people with reduced mobility; it is also prepared to accommodate the most varied events.

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