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Oeiras "was born" with the Royal Charter of June 7th, 1759. The jurisdiction of the land is allocated by King José I to Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo, the Count of Oeiras before becoming the Prime Minister and the Marquis of Pombal. The great turning point of Oeiras occurs in the late 1980s, when it becomes an autonomous economic centre, investing in the development of the tertiary sector (Science and Research and Information and Communication Technologies). The Municipality has one of the highest rates of quality of life in Portugal and is the home to relevant companies related to new technologies and service provision. It has won successive awards in recent years, among others: "Best Municipality to work in," "Municipality of Excellence," "European Enterprise Awards" and the "ECOXXI" 

Territory: 45.7 km²
Population: 172,120
Associate since: December 2009

Site www.cm-oeiras.pt
Facebook www.facebook.com/MunicipiodeOeiras
Agenda, Boletim: ISSUU Oeiras


Auditório Municipal Eunice Muñoz


Auditorium located in the former theatre of Oeiras is now the stage for several cultural activities. It was built in 1945 and refurbished in 1997. It features a lounge seating 283 and an area of ​​468 m².

This is a modern building that, in addition to the concert hall, features a Bar, an area adaptable for café-concerts and offers the possibility of being converted into a movie theatre. It has no room for service and/or educational project.

Morada: Rua Mestre de Avis, Oeiras
Tel: 21 440 84 11

Site: www.cm-oeiras.pt/EspacosCulturais
Facebook: www.facebook.com/auditoriomunicipaleunicemunoz

Auditório Municipal Ruy de Carvalho


Auditorium located in the Civic Centre of Carnaxide, it was built in 2004, features an area of ​​450 m² and seats 296. It has no bar or room for service and/or educational project.

Morada:  Rua 25 de Abril, lote 5 I Carnaxide
Tel: 00351 214 175 208

Site: www.cm-oeiras.pt/EspacosCulturais



Auditório Municipal Maestro César Batalha


Auditorium located in the Alto da Barra Galleries. Here, plenty of cultural and recreational events occur, such as film masterclasses, lectures, recitals and animation for children. It features a meeting room. Adapted from an old film studio in 2007, it has an area of ​​183.4m² and seats 94.

Morada: Galerias Alto da Barra, Av. das Descobertas

Site: www.cm-oeiras.pt/EspacosCulturais


Centro de Arte Colecção Manuel de Brito


The Palace/Chalet was commissioned by Policarpo Anjos in the late 19th century. It was part of a large estate known as Miramar Park. Acquired by the Municipality of Oeiras and classified as property with municipal value since 2004, it reopened to the public in 2006 bearing the name of Manuel de Brito Art Centre (CAMB), thus materialising the old intent to create, in the municipality of Oeiras, a cultural space of national and international reference which would house and promote the prestigious Manuel de Brito Collection. It features a bar and multipurpose room for service and/or educational project.

Morada:  Palácio Anjos, Alameda Hermano Patrone, Algés
Tel: 21 4111400/ 02

Site: www.cm-oeiras.pt/EspacosCulturais


Centro Cultural Palácio do Egipto



Located in the historic quarter of the village of Oeiras, its construction dates back to the 18th century, while being part of the Estate of Our Lady of Egypt.

Since the 1980s, several entities have occupied the palace, particularly the Sports Association of Oeiras (ADO). 

In 2009, following the rehabilitation works, current Egypt Palace Cultural Centre was created, featuring a temporary exhibition hall, the municipal library and the Oeiras Tourist Office. It features a bar and a room for service and/or educational project.

Morada: Rua Álvaro António dos Santos, 2780-182 Oeiras
Tel: 21 440 8391

Site: www.cm-oeiras.pt/EspacosCulturais




ARTEMREDE - Teatros Associados
Palácio João Afonso
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 4 R/C
2000-080 Santarém