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Never forgetting the industrial past that provided Barreiro with a strong economic and social development, the Municipality asserts itself today as a centre of attraction of services and populations due to its privileged location, on the south bank of the Tagus estuary.

The Municipality of Barreiro has developed a cultural policy focused on three main areas: Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Heritage. And it has promoted a type of cultural management that includes the participation of citizens and cultural agents, thus fostering content diversity, supporting the work of local cultural agents and bringing to the territory the best produced at national and international level.

Territory: 31.6 Km2
Population: 79,012
Associate since: 2005
Artemrede venues/List of cultural facilities: Augusto Cabrita Municipal Auditorium, Barreiro Municipal Library, Convent of the Mother of God of Verderena, Memory Space

Site: www.cm-barreiro.pt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cultura.camaramunicipalbarreiro


Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita


Located in the City Park, the Audtitório Municipal Augusto Cabrita (AMAC) was opened on November 1st, 2003.

The building is divided into a concert hall with 355 seats and four exhibition galleries, red, white, yellow and blue, which allow promoting theme-based exhibitions of different forms of artistic expression, as well as recreational and cultural activities as part of guided tours and thematic workshops. 

The AMAC features an outdoor ramp with direct access to the foyer on the 1st floor for users with reduced mobility, as well as an elevator for people.

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AMAC – Auditório Municipal Augusto Cabrita
Parque da Cidade – Av. Escola de Fuzileiros Navais - 2830 Barreiro

AMAC - Timetable (opening to the public)
Tuesday to Sunday from 14h00 to 20h00
On weekends, whenever there is a scheduled performance, the Ticket Office will open one hour before the performance

Site: barreiroamac

Biblioteca Municipal do Barreiro


The Library is a space that aims to meet the informational, cultural, educational and leisure needs of the population of the Municipality. 

An open and dynamic space described by UNESCO as a "democratic institution of education, culture, information and leisure," the library offers the community a set of services: reading (book loans, local reference, newspapers, magazines and audiovisual and multimedia documents), bibliographic support and guidance, online reference, activities in cooperation with other entities and cultural animation initiatives.

Biblioteca Municipal do Barreiro
Rua da Bandeira - Urbanização do Palácio do Coimbra - 2830-330 Barreiro
Telefone: 21 096 65 37 (Receção)

Monday – 14h00 to 17h45
Tuesday to Friday – 9h30 to 19h45
Saturday – 9h30 to 12h30 and from 14h00 to 17h45
In July and September, closed on Saturdays
In August : 2nd to 6th Friday - 9h30 to 12h30 and from 14h00 to 17h45

Verderena Center
Edifício da Junta de Freguesia - Av. da Liberdade, 19
Verderena - 2830-245 Barreiro
Telefone: 21 093 64 64

Monday to Friday – 9h00 to 12h30 and 14h00 to 17h00


Convento da Madre de Deus da Verderena


The construction of the Monastery of Verderena was completed in 1609. The founder of the Convent, Lady Francisca de Azambuja dedicated an important part of her life and personal fortune to a work which would leave her name forever linked to the history of Barreiro.

The typology of this Convent can be integrated in the context of the buildings of the Franciscans of the Arrábida. Over the centuries, the building has undergone profound changes that have substantially modified its physiognomy.

The Convent da Nossa Senhora de Verderena can be visited by the public, with pre-scheduled appointment, by calling 21 214 87 68.

Localization: Rua do Convento – Freguesia do Alto do Seixalinho, Concelho do Barreiro

Espaço Memória


Multidisciplinary space where the memory of the city is preserved, with a strong educational component, this is a space with two exhibition galleries, a permanent one and another for temporary exhibitions, and an Archive Area. 

The permanent exhibition welcomes archaeological and historical materials, resulting from archaeological campaigns and various donations. The Espaço Memória also houses the Municipal Archive and the Fhoral Project - The Oral History Fund, which collects the life stories of those born or adopted in Barreiro.

General Phone: 00351 210 998 573
E-mail: ou

Tuesday to Saturday: 10h00 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 18h00


Arquivo Municipal: ou
Património Museológico:

Mapa Barreiro



ARTEMREDE - Teatros Associados
Palácio João Afonso
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 4 R/C
2000-080 Santarém