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ALCOBAÇA has great territorial and landscape diversity, marked by the Sierra of the Candeeiros, by the fertile lands of the alluvial plain of the river Alcoa and the coastal strip. 

With an outstanding historical and cultural heritage, expressed in a significant number of heritage elements representative of the legacy of the Cistercian Order, this legacy has as its epitome the Monastery of Saint Mary of Alcobaça, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also other relevant elements such as the Monastery of Cós, the estates/granges of the "coutos" [place with privileges] of Alcobaça and mills, and all elements of the Cistercian hydraulic system.

Territory: 408,1 km2
Population (2011): 56 600 habitantes
Associate since:
Artemrede venues/List of cultural facilities: Cine-Teatro João d' Oliva Monteiro, Alcobaça

Site: www.cm-alcobaca.pt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/municipioalcobaca

Cine-Teatro João d' Oliva Monteiro, Alcobaça

Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça João d' Oliva Monteiro

The idealization of this new performance venue is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of João d’Oliva Monteiro, which was then designed by the renowned Swiss architect who settled in Leiria in 1890, Ernesto Korrodi, and his son, Camilo Korrodi.

Officially opened on December 18th, 1944, the new phase of this building's history took place with its reopening, on November 12th, 2004, after the rehabilitation and adaptation of the venue to new needs, with sound equipment, lighting and stage, capable of receiving any performance.

The Cine-Theatre features the Grand Auditorium with 315 seats and excellent acoustics, and a small auditorium with 64 seats and four dressing rooms.

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Site: www.cm-alcobaca.pt/pt/menu/417/cine-teatro-de-alcobaca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cineteatroalcobaca




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