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The municipality of Alcanena, belonging to the district of Santarém, was founded on May 8th, 1914, currently comprising seven parishes (Bugalhos, Minde, Moitas Venda, Monsanto, Serra de Santo António and the Unions of the Parishes of Alcanena and Vila Moreira and Malhou, Louriceira and Espinheiro). It is located in the transition zone between the Limestone Massif of Estremadura and the Tertiary Basin of the River Tagus, characterised by fertile soils and significant water resources, including the Basin of the River Alviela, the most important karst spring in the country.

The origin of the village dates back, according to some historians, to the Arab occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, from which it would have inherited its toponomy and the settlement and development of skin tanning works.

Land of republican ideals, its history is, first and foremost, the history of the tanning industry, leaving little doubt as to the vital importance of this industry to its assertion as a significant population centre, from the 17th century.

The Municipality of Alcanena has been an associate of Artemrede since January 2005. Its cultural equipment par excellence is the São Pedro Cine-Theatre.

Territory: 127 Km2
Population: 13.868
Associate since: 2005
Artemrede venues/List of cultural facilities:Cine-Teatro São Pedro

Site: www.cm-alcanena.pt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CMAlcanena

Cine-Teatro São Pedro
Cine-Teatro São Pedro

Located in the town centre, next to the Town Hall, the current building of the São Pedro Cine-Theatre is the result of a reconstruction of the original building, of which only the façade was kept. 

After the reconstruction works, the São Pedro Cine-Theatre reopened on May 8th, 2008 (the anniversary of the municipality's foundation), attended by the then Minister of Culture, José António Pinto Ribeiro.

Favouring activities of a cultural and social nature, the São Pedro Cine-Theatre Pedro is seen as a productive and disseminating cultural agent. The auditorium seats 300; the building also features an exhibition hall, among other facilities.

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Adress: Av. 25 de Abril, 2380-042 Alcanena
Telephone: 249 889 115


Site: ctsp.wordpress.com/
Facebook: Cine Teatro São Pedro - Alcanena



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Palácio João Afonso
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 4 R/C
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