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Southern Coalition

Southern Coalition


Southern Coalition is an informal network of cultural organizations from southern European countries. It is mainly a political concept instead of a geographical one, whereas “South” is broadly understood. It refers particularly to those affected by the political and economic crisis, interested in working together based on a set of common values and needs that derive specifically from working in the peripheries. The Southern Coalition network intends to reinforce the connections between centre and peripheries through cultural projects, cultivating a close dialogue between artists, operators and communities.

Based on our experience of operating outside the big urban centres, we have identified three main areas of action: cultural policies, collaborative strategies and capacity-building. Our priorities are supporting training and qualification, locally minded artistic practices and promoting debate about aspects of cultural policies that are relevant for peripheral territories. We want to encourage mutual support and understanding and focus on cooperation and cohesion.

Southern Coalition was launched in the last quarter 2017 in the framework of the project A Manual on Work and Happiness. Its first activities included four training sessions focused on cultural mediation, accessibility to disabled audiences and the role of small/ medium theatre networks organised in the cities of Alcobaça, Montijo (Portugal), Trento (Italy), Mondaino (Italy) and Patras (Greece).

The founding members of the Southern Coalition are Artemrede (Portugal), Pergine Spettacolo Aperto (Italy), L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino (Italy) and the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Patras (Greece).

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