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  1. What is Artemrede?

    A cultural cooperation project that currently embraces 14 municipalities and that develops activities in cultural programming, artistic creation and specialized training to its members.

  2. How can I participate in Artemrede’s programming?

    A period for submitting applications is opened, on an annual basis, during which any artist or company, as long as with a professional status, may submit proposals for Artemrede's agenda. To ensure an economy of scale, enhance communication and promote network circulation, only projects that meet the interest of at least three associates, in the case of national projects, or four, in the case of international, shall be included in the agenda.

    Check our homepage or follow us on Facebook to receive news on the applications

  3. Who can be an Artemrede Associate?

    Presently we have two associate categories: 

    The municipalities which, by paying their annual dues, receive a proportionate and appropriate return on Artemrede's activities shall be full-fledged members

    Artemrede's Associate Partners are national or international organizations from different fields and profiles, non-municipalities, that engage in long-term projects or programmes (minimum 2 years) with Artemrede - focusing on the areas of communication, education, social intervention, programming, funding, citizenship - involving investment and return in kind or financial for both parties. 

    Please write us if you want to know more information on how to become a member:

  4. What are the main benefits of being an associate of Artemrede?
  • To integrate a cultural development project for territories and communities that intends to diminish social and cultural asymmetries
  • To access quality, diverse and contemporaneous cultural programming
  • To benefit from communicating through a network and maximize media attention with the projects developed within the network
  • To be part of a network that shares knowledge and experiences
  • To participate in Artemrede’s specialized training actions in cultural areas



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