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Artemrede develops as its core activities:

  • The regular schedule of professional performances, in different artistic fields, which are presented at the cultural facilities of Artemrede's Associates
  • The artistic creation through the production or co-production of qualifying projects, framed within the Association's and our members' programming strategies
  • The continuous training of our Associates' human resources, while developing specific actions in several fields of cultural programming
  • The development of an Educational Project consisting of workshops and other activities that are thought to be integrated with programming and suited to each member's target-audience.
  • The support to our Associates in matters related to the management of their cultural venues
  • The promotion of debate among the associated municipalities, partners and entities outside Artemrede, in order to enrich the internal discussions on the progress of the association and, within a more open plan, to politically assert the cultural field at local and national level
  • The promotion of field trips to performance presentation sites and national and international meetings and festivals



ARTEMREDE - Teatros Associados
Palácio João Afonso
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 4 R/C
2000-080 Santarém