There is no better word to define this piece than the word "recordação". Its french origin "re-cour" simply means to bring close to the heart again.


How will you write a love story – a love that lasts in time, that fulfils a life until its twilight, a love which will never end for the one that still holds the past? This love story is not inspired by Romeo and Juliette, but rather by the life of an old couple whose love materialized in a life full of smiles.

Solitude and aging are a recurring theme in the plays of TEATRO SÓ, but theirs characters are not
are touched by despair, but by the reflection of the gestures and by the gratitude of the memory.


Artistic Genre: Multidisciplinary

Artistic fields: Street arts

Classificação etária: M/3

Touring in Artemrede's Territories:

ABRANTES    Largo do Espírito Santo - Mouriscas - NOVO LOCAL! | 29 de maio de 2021, sábado*, às 11:00
ALCANENA    Largo da Igreja Louriceira | 14 de maio de 2021, sexta-feira, às 19:00
ALCOBAÇA    Praça Dr. José Damasceno Campos (Benedita) | 15 de maio de 2021, sábado, às 19:00

+ Info: Audience capacity will be defined according to DGS guidelines to date.

* A programming choice by the Visionários of Abrantes.

Staging & dramaturgy Sérgio Fernandes Cast Ana Gabriel, Sérgio Fernandes Staging Criação Colectiva Composition Ferdinand Breil Musicians Alexandre Barata, Merielou Jacquard, Pedro Rufino Mask Nuno Pino Custodio Costumes Ana Baleia Scenario Eddie Dorner, Luis Santos Technik Spiros Paterakis Video André Rodrigues Foto Miguel Proença Text Ivo do Carmo.



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