Fun and adventure in the language of the traditional Portuguese puppets


From the heritage of Portuguese puppeteers, we are presented with two traditional stories of Dom Robertos: O Barbeiro Diabólico [The Diabolic Barber] and O castelo dos fantasmas [The castle of ghosts].

O Barbeiro Diabólico [The Diabolic Barber]
Rosa and Roberto will be married, but for that to happen, Roberto has to go to the barber. After shaving, he refuses to pay and after a fight, he kills the barber. The Priest performs the funeral, but the Police arrives to arrest Roberto, who gives him the same fate as the barber. Thus, the Devil appears and after being deceived by Roberto, has the same fate as the previous ones. Finally, Death arrives to take Roberto, but more skilled than fate itself, Roberto will win his own death!

O castelo dos fantasmas [The castle of ghosts]
Prisoner in the castle’s tower, Rosa waits for Roberto's help. But to get there, Roberto will have to pass the crocodile, face the giant that lives in the castle and finally face the ghosts that inhabit the place! Overcoming these trials is the only way for Roberto to reach Rose!

These stories come from the traditional memory that can still reaches us, proving through the simplest puppets how challenging we are when we want to achieve our desires.
The performance will engage with the audience, playing with comedy and the most primary feelings.

Artist: Teatro e Marionetas de Mandrágora

Artistic Genre: Street puppet theatre

Artistic fields: Dom Roberto traditional theatre

Target audiences: Every age

Touring in Artemrede's Territories:

ABRANTES   ParqueTejo - margem sul do Aquapólis | 23 de maio de 2021, domingo, às 11:00
ALCANENA   Centro de Ciência Viva | 22 de maio de 2021, sábado, às 11:00
TOMAR   Mouchão | 15 de maio de 2021, sábado, às 15:00

+ Info: Audience capacity will be defined according to DGS guidelines to date.

A programming chosen by the Visionary from Abrantes, Alcanena and Tomar.

Puppets’ construction enVide nefelibata Puppeteer Filipa Mesquita Set design and puppets’ costumes Vânia Kosta Puppeteer’s costume Patrícia Costa Support Clara Ribeiro



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