A voyage to sounds that you don’t know are possible!


Helmets, buckets, pots, everything is used to make music and to have fun. Meanwhile there is juggling, comedy and a contagious energy between the two CRASSH characters.


Artistic Genre: Circus arts

Artistic fields: Music and Juggling

Classificação etária: M/6

Touring in Artemrede's Territories:

ALCANENA   Jardim das Lagoas | 21 de maio de 2021, sexta-feira, às 19:00
ALCOBAÇA  Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça João de D’Oliva Monteiro | 7 de maio de 2021, sexta-feira, às 19:00
POMBAL   Teatro-Cine de Pombal | 24 de abril de 2021, sábado, às 11:30
SESIMBRA   Cineteatro Municipal João Mota | 23 de maio de 2021, domingo, às 16:00
TOMAR   Mouchão | 8 de maio de 2021, sábado, às 15:00

+ Info: Audience capacity will be defined according to DGS guidelines to date.

A programming chosen by the Visionary from Alcanena, Alcobaça, Pombal, Sesimbra and Tomar. The session at the Cineteatro Municipal João Mota is within the scope of the Be SpectACTive project!

Performers David Calhau e David Valente Sound Gonçalo Garcia Production David Calhau



Imagem © Miguel Oliveira



English (UK)