Pequena CircOOnferência

A conference about the Circus!

Pequena CircOOnferência

Dedicated to the younger audience, this performance flows between the historical accuracy of the History of the European Circus, and a dreamlike dimension of a historian who aspires to be a Circus artist.

This is a work-in-progress project, a prologue to a larger show called CircOOnferência, which will premiere in 2021. Inspired by the different bibliographic records, we encourage the desire to fictionalize a story, based on the facts of its own History!

The path is not linear, and the idea is to excite, to reflect and to form critical thinking. Antipode by nature, poetic, rebellious and dreamer, the Circus imagination is part of the collective memory of the general public.

Artist: RADAR 360°

Artistic Genre: Circus arts

Classificação etária: M/3

Touring in Artemrede's Territories:

ABRANTES   ParqueTejo - Margem sul do Aquapólis | 16 de maio de 2021, domingo, às 11:00
ALCOBAÇA   Anfiteatro da Praça João de Deus Ramos (junto ao Tribunal de Alcobaça) | 12 de junho de 2021, sábado, às 15:00
POMBAL   Jardim do Cardal | 6 de junho de 2021, domingo, às 16:00
SOBRAL DE MONTE AGRAÇO   Praça Dr. Eugénio Dias | 15 de maio de 2021, sábado, às 16:00
TOMAR   Mouchão | 13 de junho de 2021, domingo, às 15:00

+ Info: Audience capacity will be defined according to DGS guidelines to date. Reservation is required

Artistic direction and performance António Franco de Oliveira Pedagogy and Dramaturgy António Franco de Oliveira and Julieta Rodrigues Sound design Live music performed by António Franco de Oliveira (Kazoo, Brushes on wood and Bansuri) Sound operation Rafael Ferreira / Bernardo Bento Set and props design António Franco de Oliveira and Julieta Rodrigues Costumes Julieta Rodrigues Special compliment to Bernardo Malabarista



Imagem © António Franco


English (UK)