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The Municipality of Pombal is located in the Portuguese coastal center, with a geographical area of ​​626.23 km2 and about 55.200 inhabitants. It consists of 13 freguesias: Abiul, Almagreira, Carnide, Carriço, Louriçal, Meirinhas, Pelariga, Pombal, Redinha, Vermoil and Vila Cã and the Uniões de Freguesia of Guia, Ilha and Mata Mourisca, as well as Santiago and São Simão de Litém and Albergaria dos Doze.

It is crossed by the main rail (North Line) and road accesses (A1, A17, IC8 and IC2), being confronted by the municipalities of Ansião, Alvaiázere, Ourém, Leiria, Soure and Figueira da Foz, extending to the West until the Atlantic Ocean (Osso da Baleia Beach).

Raised to the city in 1991, it is a land of history, legends and notable people. From the great Marquês de Pombal, the historian and writer João de Barros, the politician Mota Pinto, the poet Martel Patrício, the doctor and writer Amadeu da Cunha, among many others.

Pombal, with about 11 thousand inhabitants, was founded by Gualdim Pais - Grand Master of the Order of the Templars, who ordered the construction of his Castle, giving it charter in 1174.



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