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The Municipality de Montijo nowadays presents itself as a dynamic, modern municipality, ideal for knowing, investing, living and visiting.
Its secular history is closely linked to the Tejo river and, therefore, is a land of fishermen; its past as Aldeia Galega do Ribatejo and its importance and development justified the attribution of charter by King D. Manuel I on September 15th of 1514; the story of its transition, on July 6th of 1930, from Aldeia Galega to Montijo village and afterwards, its rise to City of Montijo on August 14th of 1985.
Invest in a dynamic, enterprising municipality, where the communication channels please the access to any point in the country and Spain, facilitating the installation of investments in the logistics' area; a municipality where its industrial past continues exist, with a strong implementation of agricultural companies, pig farms, meat processing industries and, in particular, the floriculture, making Montijo the largest producer of Gerberas flower in the Iberian Peninsula.
Living in a municipality divided into two areas with different offers: on the west side, the municipality provides a more urban area with real estate construction quality; on the east side you will find a more rural area where it's possible to live in a countryside lifestyle and enjoy the tranquility of nature; a municipality with a privileged location in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon and with a vast educational offer.
Visit its built heritage, record of memory and local identity: the Igreja Matriz, the sanctuary and Church of Atalaia, the Agricultural Museum; stroll by the Frente Ribeirinha or in the Municipal Park; visit the rural side of the municipality and get to know the Colonato de Pegões, enjoy the wines of the Cooperativa Agrícola de Santo Isidro, enjoy the Hotel qualities in the region and the environmental and natural heritage of great value.



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