The threads of the skeins of Saguenail are woven by the voice of Carla Galvão and unfold in a landscape featured by the images created live by JAS and the music composed by Pedro Moura.


Little stories are born before our eyes by the hands of an artist and a musician. Drawings are projected in real time and melodies strummed in a concerted dialogue. In a fusion of several imaginaries, there are characters who discover and change themselves without showing up, while a voice narrates the landscapes and stories that are constructed.

In the four stories of Da boca para as mãos, several characters will be summoned to discover and transforme themselves without, however, revelling themselves. They are characters because they learn to be so by listening and seeing themselves with different eyes. In fact, they are all children and face growth problems...

Artist: Trupe dos Bichos

Artistic Genre: Multidisciplinary

Artistic fields: Music, drawing, theatre

Classificação etária: M/6

Touring in Artemrede's Territories:

ABRANTES    Sociedade Artística Tramagalense (SAT) | 13 de junho de 2021, domingo, às 11:00*
SESIMBRA    Cineteatro Municipal João Mota | 21 de novembro de 2021, domingo, às 16:00

+ Info: Audience capacity will be defined according to DGS guidelines to date.

A programming chosen by the Visionary from Abrantes.

Atriz Carla Galvão Músico Pedro Moura Artista plástico Lara Moura Produção a trupe dos bichos Coprodução fabrica das artes\CCB





Imagens © Pedro Moura


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