If joy were a hymn, it would have a baby's smile.


Beethoven never neglected the emotions. In this safe circle-performance, we will discover, from the Secrets to the Joys of the composer and the help of puppets, sweet melodies and cloud-shaped freedoms.
If all hours of playtime were eternal, they would be Fugues in binary compass, full of Staccatos and Rondos of free colors.
In this song that is life itself, we can be the conductors and, the silences that live in us, have the sound of thoughts.

Artist: LUA CHEIA teatro para todos | Sandra José

Artistic Genre: Multidisciplinary

Artistic fields: Theatre, Music and Puppets

Target audiences: Every age

Touring in Artemrede's Territories:

MONTEMOR-O-NOVO    Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo | 12 de junho de 2021, sábado, às 16:30
OEIRAS   Biblioteca Municipal de Oeiras | 10 de julho de 2021, sábado, às 10:30
SESIMBRA    Cine-Teatro Municipal João Mota | 24 de outubro de 2021, domingo, às 16:00

+ Info: Audience capacity will be defined according to DGS guidelines to date. Reservation is required

Stagging and creation Sandra José Performers Carolina Picoito Pinto, Maria João Trindade, Sandra José e Sara Ferraz Set design support Ricardo Trindade Image and Graphic design Hugo Merino Ferraz Coproduction Lua Cheia teatro para todos / Sandra José


© Andre Gomes Da Silva


English (UK)