Compromisso Cultura 2030

Compromisso Cultura 2030 is a project to activate an open discussion on local cultural policies and to promote the construction of municipal strategies that reinstate the role of Culture in the sustainable development. It includes a self-assessment process and the capacity building of municipal teams. You can follow the entire project at 

What is?

The 2030 Culture Commitment is an initiative promoted by Artemrede and its 17 associated municipalities, to affirm culture as a pillar of sustainable development. In 2020 we laid the foundations for this process, based on the principles and commitments of Agenda 21 for Culture and which aims, above all, to be a process of reflection, learning and the construction of local cultural strategies and policies. We started in 2020 but our time horizon extends until 2030, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and because we believe that an ambitious process like this will necessarily consist of several stages and different speeds. One of the fundamental steps will be the elaboration of a Letter of Commitment from Artemrede, a document of public cultural policies that will bring together very different municipalities around common principles and commitments and which, we believe, will be an important instrument in municipal cultural management.

What does it contain?

Two lines of work:

  1. Reflection
  • The process of drafting a Letter of Commitment from Artemrede, which is based on the realization of self-assessment workshops in the implementation of the principles of Agenda 21 of Culture
  • LABS CC2030: meetings between mayors, specialists and the population around a topic of interest for local development
  • CC2030 website with documentation, testimonials, interviews and texts on themes of cultural policy and sustainable development
  • Meetings and seminars on topics related to culture and sustainable development


  1. Action
  • Good cultural policy and sustainable development practices shared on the CC2030 website
  • Artemrede's letter of commitment:
  • Principles that derive from Agenda 21 for Culture and governance principles that stem from Artemrede's experience and specificity.
  • Concrete commitments to be implemented by Artemrede and each municipality that comprises it

What is it for?

• Promote good municipal management

• Develop municipal strategic planning

• Train municipal teams for self-assessment,

• Share knowledge and experience in the context of Artemrede and with potential for replication

• Raise awareness among teams and decision makers about the importance of articulating culture with other areas of sustainable development

• Contribute to the national political agenda

When happens?

• General Presentation Meeting: 17 January 2020

• Local Presentations: clarification of doubts / integration of new elements / preparation of the diagnosis: spring 2020; resumes in September 2020

• Local Diagnosis - Workshop: March 2020 to February 2021

• Launch of the CC2030 website: August 2020

• Local Development Laboratories - starts in September 2020

• Elaboration of the Summary and presentation of the results of the diagnosis: spring 2021

• Launch of the Letter of Commitment: May 2021

• Other developments: 2021 and 2022

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