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The third Artemrede co-production for 2023 is a long-standing wish. PÊNDULO, the new creation by Marco Martins, premieres in June.

In Pêndulo, Marco Martins will work with a group of female carers and domestic workers whose lives are marked by commuting in various senses: between the outskirts and the centre of the capital (Lisbon), between their homes and the homes of those who employ them, and between their country of origin and their country of destination, Portugal. Pêndulo will focus on the nature of domestic labour in order to talk about family relationships, in the sense of the confrontation between different ways of life, contexts, expectations, dreams and daily lives. How do these workers relate to the families they work for and how are they affected by this relationship? How does one experience the need to leave one's home to look after the homes of others? How does a country relate to the immigrants it takes in?

This play, in line with the scenic work developed in recent years by Marco Martins, is based on the participation and commitment of a group of non-professional actors, making room for the stories of those who are directly confronted with the precariousness implicit in the economic and social development of the world.

PÊNDULO é um projeto Arena Ensemble em coprodução com ARTEMREDE, São Luiz Teatro Municipal. Teatro Municipal do Porto - Rivoli, Rota Clandestina/C.M. Setúbal.

English (UK)