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Artemrede – 2018 programming
Call for international projects

Information for cultural agents and companies

Artemrede is a project of cultural cooperation operating uninterruptedly for 12 years. It focuses on the specificities of the territories through its support to artistic creation, cultural programming, qualification and training and strategies for cultural mediation.

Artemrede currently gathers 15 Portuguese municipalities: Abrantes, Alcanena, Alcobaça, Almada, Barreiro, Lisboa, Moita, Montijo, Oeiras, Palmela, Pombal, Santarém, Sesimbra, Sobral de Monte Agraço and Tomar.

The mission of Artemrede materializes in several projects and initiatives, among them the coproduction of performances, the implementation of multiannual projects aiming territorial development and the engagement of local communities (Odisseia / Visionários / A Manual on Work and Happiness), political debate (Fórum Político) and the organization of the Manobras Festival.These projects and initiatives are Artemrede’s main areas of intervention. They get complemented by cultural programming, which is defined on an annual basis through a call for projects.

Therefore, Artemrede intends to receive proposals for artistic projects to develop throughout 2018. The call is open to proposals of all artistic fields, namely live performances, workshops and training activities, exhibitions and film screenings.

Artemrede’s programming can be presented or developed in theatres, as well as in other cultural venues, schools, unconventional sites or public spaces.

Each cultural agent / company is invited to present up to four proposals: max. two proposals for performances, and max. two proposals of complementary or pedagogical activities. Submitting more than 4 proposals will lead to their complete rejection.

In 2018, between 10 and 15 proposals are expected to be selected by the associated municipalities of Artemrede.

1. Non-professional projects will be excluded. Projects including non-professional artists are eligible.
2. Projects which have not premiered yet are eligible as long as all required data is provided.

Data and documents to be submitted by cultural agents / companies:

Cultural agents / companies must submit by July 31 2017 the following data and documents via this platform:

ID of the promoter, address, city, country, phone, cell phone, email, website, social network(s), VAT number;

Title, short description, artistic genre, artistic areas, programme (in case of music concerts), artistic credits and cast, technical staff, biographies, audiences (targets), capacity, duration, intermission, premiere date, dates and places of presentation in 2018, indication of parallel activities (such workshops) related to the proposal and presented in a separate form.

Number of people to displace; accommodation requirements; mode of transport (plane, car); type of baggage and its transportation (truck, plane); technical rider (sound, light…); duration of the set up and of the set down.

4. FEE (VAT included)
For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 presentations; 1 extra presentation in the same venue; author rights (if necessary, estimate for around 300 seats); available dates;

Video/audio links to video or audio records; photos in high resolution; press review; notes

 Artemrede guarantees the accommodation of the cast and crews;
2. Artemrede will not guarantee any additional expenses which have not been included in the form initially submitted by the agents / companies.

Information on the selection process:
1. A first selection will be done by the Executive Direction of Artemrede and the local programmers;
2. All programmers will have access to all the proposals but will only be able to choose among those primarily selected;
3. Each programmer has a plafond and takes decisions according to that amount. It is therefore essential that the provided budgets are as accurate as possible.
4. Only international proposals gathering the interest and the approval of at least three programmers will be selected.


Calendar (2017):

Deadline for submission of proposals: July 31
August 1 – 31: analysis of the proposals by Artemrede and programmers
September 1 – 30 – selection and final decision
October 1 – 31 – communication of results



Marta Martins
Executive Director
July 7 2017

2000-080 SANTARÉM
T. 243 322 050 / 243 321 878